Two Foot Hurdles?

Given what I’ve experienced, earning (I use that term in the loosest sense possible) a degree from almost all (if not all) for-profit universities is akin to running in a track league that uses two foot hurdles for hurdlers to clear rather than the standard ones (42 inches). Yes, participants in this type of track league are technically hurdlers in the strictest sense of the word, but did they really run a true, competitive race or really know what it’s like to be a hurdler? I don’t believe that they have or do. For many people who lack the abilities, time, drive, or total desire to race using standard-sized hurdles, would running in a race with two-foot hurdles really equal a race? Would it really equal an accomplishment? For those people that have and are willing to accept a lesser facsimile as an equal, it does. For those who believe that higher standards cannot be adequately mimicked by lower, it doesn’t. I am part of the latter group. For those who believe that accomplishments are relative and that the individual who accomplishes gets to determine the value of those accomplishments, for-profits are a perfect solution. For those who believe that accomplishments aren’t relative to the accomplisher’s beliefs, it seems as if for-profits are cheating its students out of honest achievement.

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